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Raft Building

Duration: 2 hours                                  Physical demand: Low.

Raft Building is a beach team building activity where you will compete in teams in two challenges. First, making your rafts with material such as ropes, Pipe and barrels.

You and your team have limited time to overcome this challenge through teamwork, ingenuity and creativity. When the raft is finished, it is time to prove its durability in a hilarious race on the sea, in which it is just as important to be the first to arrive back at shore, as it is to do so with the raft intact.

This outdoor activity is ideal for enjoying a beach destination, achieving great teamwork and it can function perfectly as a business incentive.

Working in teams you will work out the best way to plan, design and build your own raft, then take it on the water to test it. It’s a fun activity as you race in teams to see who finishes first and has the most successful raft. Whilst playing games and completing challenges you’ll learn about knots, being resourceful, planning, construction, organization, communication and trust.



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